Re: [Evolution] Problem with old folder

On Sun, 2001-10-21 at 21:19, NotZed wrote:

Just delete the folder directory manually.


rm -rf /home/jst/evolution/local/Banco

This is my problem...I had a folder called "Banco Edwards"...but i
deleted it...and when i start says "evolution-shell-WARNING **:
No folder metadata in /home/jst/evolution/local/Banco... ignoring" and
it created the "Banco" i thought it was something about the
config i deleted the config folder, the "Banco" folder, in
the local folder and the config.xmldb file....then i started evo and it
said the same thing and it created the "Banco" Folder again...

How can i fix this?....thank u...
Jorge Salinas
jst ing puc cl

I think u didn't read very well my message, i said i deleted that
folder, and that wasn't the solution...

Thanks anyway
Jorge Salinas
jst ing puc cl

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