Re: [Evolution] Problems on Evolution 0.15 (SID)

Hello there.

I'm also having the same problem with evo-0.15-4 in a Debian SID box with all available libs on the SID 
distribution installed.
Evolution's calendar, addressbook and mail composer bacame unusable.

Help nedded...




        Hello guys,

   I got here a big problem... several problems in fact. First, several
part doesn't run anymore, like Calendar, Tasks Manager and Contacts are
dead. This isn't that tragic, I can wait a bit w/o that. The problem is
that when I write a mail, or even reply to a mail, I can't set anything in
TO: CC: or BCC: field (which do not exist at all.).
   I'm running Debian SID with Evolution 0.15-4, libgal14 0.14-1, libgal15
0.15-1, libgtkhtml-data 0.15.0-4, libgtkhtml17 0.14.0-2, libgtkhtml18
0.15.0-4, aso...

   Another strange thing I noticed is that I got 2 IMAP accounts on my mail
client, the first one is on the LAN, and the second one is on the net. The
problem comes less often now than before but if I wait 'till it connects to
the 2nd mail server, it simply crashes. This is annoying, but if I do it
right, it doesn't crash. The problem I got is with the first problem. I
can't write any mail nor reply to any. Can someone help me with this,
please ?


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