[Evolution] Error when applying filter

I created a simple spam filter, and I'm getting an error every time
Evolution tries to retrieve my mail.  My filter is:

if all criteria are met:
 recipients does not contain <email address>
 specific header "List-Id" does not exist
Move to folder Spam
Stop Processing

I thought that would be a pretty cool filter, but the following dialog
appears when it downloads my mail (pop mail):

Error while 'Filtering Folder':
Error executing filter search: Missing ')': (and

(match-all (not (or 
  (header-contains "To" "gerald io com")
 (header-contains "Cc" "gerald io com"))))

(match-all (not (header-exists "List-Id"))


This filter worked before I added the second part checking for List-Id,
but I got tired of explicitly checking each mailing list, and I thought
this would work a little better.  Should it work?

Also... it would be nice if the "specific header" check had a drop down
box for common header values.  All of the other filters let the user not
think about the specific header names, but to use this option, you have
to know the header values like "List-Id".  It would be nice if it showed
the common options, and even better if it matched them to the terms used
in other places like "recipients" or "mailing list".



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