Re: [Evolution] Evolution CVS is STILL majorly broken

n Sat, 2001-10-20 at 10:58, Iain wrote:
> > On a side note, I'm very curious about the major breakage.  Did the
> > person/people who committed the code that broke everything so severely know
> > this was going to happen?  Surely the most cursory testing before
> > committing would have revealed the problems, since it seems to have
> > affected so many people.  It seems rather strange that such major breakage
> > would happen so close to a Release Candidate.
> a) No-one at Ximian has seen this 100% thing, Larry is working on it I
> think.
Thanks to Miles and Joseph for responding with workarounds for this.  It turns out that the 100% CPU is due to gtkhtml being compiled with gconf 1.0.5+.  When I recompiled gtkhtml --without-gconf, the full CPU problems went away.  I had tried downgrading gconf to 1.0.4 a few times earlier in the week, but it may have been while more things were broken because it didn't work previously.

However, the Calendar still crashes, this time in a different way.  I just submitted 13092 about that.
> b) Your settings are still stored in the same place, the chances are
> that you didn't kill the bonobo-moniker-xmldb process when you changed
> your settings back, so it still has the old config cached.
Hmmmm... I thought I'd killed everything running.  Who knows.  At any rate, I've re-entered the info.  I may start over from scratch anyway since I've probably got old cruft in my ~evolution.


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