[Evolution] Lost all my mail (sent IMAP) again...

OK. now things are getting bizarre. Evolution crashed on, so I
restarted. And all my mail in Out box is back!!! I had tried restarting
Evolution before the crash in hopes of getting my mail back, but no such
luck. After the crash, everything is back. But not the stuff I lost from
my INBOX a few days ago.

I wonder is going on here? I think I will switch back to POP for while.


Previous message:

OK, this time I lost all my sent mail in my Out (IMAP) folder. I don't
think it is filtering issue anymore though I did apply manual filters
and did an expunge (not on Out though). This looks like an IMAP problem.
All my sent mail gets stored in the Out folder on the IMAP server. I had
composed an email and hit "Send", and during the send process I tried
opening another email in my INBOX. The email did not open, and after a
few seconds, I got an error dialog saying that Evolution could not
create the "Out" folder since it already existed. 

Why was it trying to create the folder in the first place ???? 

I am using Beta 5 (0.15) on Mandrake 8.1. 


On Thu, 2001-10-18 at 09:35, Not Zed wrote: 
    Its a big list going through a 'small' machine, and we've had some isp
    issues lately too. 
    30 minutes seems reasonable to me, its not an im service.
    On Thu, 2001-10-18 at 08:08, Rick Ziegler wrote:
    > I consistently see a 30 to 50 minute delta between the time messages are
    > sent to the Evolution list and the time I receive them.  Is this
    > normal?  What is causing the delay?
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