Re: [Evolution] Sync'ing Palm Addresses with Evolution

Does bug-buddy give you a stack trace for the crash? If so, could you
attach it? I'm fairly sure it's a known bug, but I'd like to make sure.

On Thu, 2001-10-18 at 13:59, Janus Christensen wrote:

When I try to sync my Palm Addresses with Evolution gpilotd crashes. I
suspect this the problem is in the EAddress conduit. As can be seen
from the attached log file, it apparently cannot sync addresses which
don't have a person's name associated with them - i suppose that this
is what would be in the two empty strings in the 'add_record' call.

If the above is true: isn't that a bug?

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gpilotd-Message: gnome-pilot 0.1.61 starting...
gpilotd-Message: compiled for pilot-link version 0.9.5
gpilotd-Message: compiled with [VFS] [GOAD] [USB] [IrDA] [Network] 
gpilotd-Message: Activating server
gpilotd-Message: Watching Cradle (/dev/pilot)
gpilotd-Message: Woke on Cradle
gpilotd-Message: setting PILOTRATE=115200

gpilotd-WARNING **: pi_accept_to: Connection timed out

gpilotd-WARNING **: pi_accept_to: timeout was 2 secs
gpilotd-Message: Woke on Cradle
gpilotd-Message: setting PILOTRATE=115200
gpilotd-Message: Cradle Cradle has 0 events
gpilotd-Message: Instantiating 1 conduits...
eaddrconduit-Message: in address's conduit_get_gpilot_conduit

gpilotd-Message: HotSync button pressed, synchronizing pilot
gpilotd-Message: Pilot ID is 15746, name is PalmVx, owner is Janus Christensen
gpilotd-Message: Pilot has 0 entries in restore queue
gpilotd-Message: Pilot has 0 entries in conduit queue
gpilotd-Message: Using conduit settings for sync...
eaddrconduit-Message: ---------------------------------------------------------

eaddrconduit-Message: pre_sync: Addressbook Conduit v.0.1.2
eaddrconduit-Message: Addressbook Conduit v.0.1.2
eaddrconduit-Message:     doing slow sync

eaddrconduit-Message: beginning for_each
eaddrconduit-Message: no events
eaddrconduit-Message: add_record: adding ['' '' 'Advokatfirmaet Nicolai Giødesen'] to desktop

** CRITICAL **: file e-unicode.c: line 591 (e_utf8_is_ascii): assertion `string != NULL' failed.

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