Re: [Evolution] non-email folders broken in debian SID beta5 package

Not much help, but I'm also running the Debian sid beta5 packages and
don't have this problem.

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 22:14, Joseph Levi Barnett wrote:

Due to recent instabilities in CVS, I've decided to downgrade to beta5. 
being a debian user, I grabbed the evolution-ssl package out of SID/non-us
after make uninstalling the CVS gal,gtkhtml, and evolution modules.  I even
went so far as to apt-get install --reinstall relevant packages depended on by 

Now I can receive mail without freezing evolution, and this made me happy :)

however, when I click on calendar or tasks view, all I get is a white evolution
pane, and an empty toolbar.  clicking on addressbook causes CPU to spike for
30-60 seconds, after which my selection defaults back to the previously 
selected item (as if i had clicked on 'local folders' in the tree view).

Since addressbook is broken, the To: CC: and Bcc: fields in my composer view
have no text entry box, and I cannot send emails because I cannot tell 
evolution where to send emails to (email address data is lost when i try to
reply to an email, so there is NO way for me to send emails anywhere using
evolution at this point).

does anyone have any ideas as to where I should look to fix these issues?  
barring that, I'll just wait for a nice functional CVS version to reappear
from the depths of developerland :)  I have had the debian packages for
beta 5 work in the past, but perhaps something has changed since then?  
It's my understanding that these beta releases SHOULD be relatively stable,
but I understand the product is in ongoing development, blah blah, etc. :), 
I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could look to try to fix these


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