[Evolution] Re: Evo snapshot cannot send email

No, I had the same problem (RH 6.1).. another solution is to revert back
to the beta 5 RPM..

- Bob

On Sun, 2001-10-14 at 12:02, Charles Sullivan wrote:
I'm sending this from Balsa, running under Red Hat 7.1 (i686)

Has anyone else experienced a problem sending email from the
recent Evolution snapshot 0.16.99 [+cvs.2001.] ?

I had no problem sending with previous snapshots, and I can
still receive email on this one.

Evo asks me for my SMTP password and indicates in the progress
bar that the sending process is 100% complete.  But the message
is never actually sent and doesn't appear in either the Sent or
Outbox folders.  Then Evo won't exit properly and I have to kill

Is it just me?

Charles Sullivan

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