Re: [Evolution] Moving IMAP Messages

It's not that the spec calls for getting all the headers, it's about the
way in which the camel abstraction works. In order to copy a message to
a folder, you must first open it... and to open an imap folder, you must
SELECT it. When you SELECT an imap folder, the imap code makes sure it's
in sync with the server folder so it has to fecth header summaries. If
any new messages are in the folder, we grab the message header for those
messages and cache them.

camel move api:

void camel_folder_move_messages_to (CamelFolder *source, GPtrArray
*uids, CameFolder *destination, CamelException *ex);


On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 20:45, James Morton wrote:
I must admit I haven't read the entirety (or majority:) of the IMAP
spec.  But I thought I'd ask the question anyway:

Is it necessary to select a mailbox and fetch all new headers/summary
information from a folder when moving a message into it?  I have quite a
few large IMAP mailboxes that I frequently move messages into.  The
first time I move a message into a large folder after starting
Evolution, it'll take a minute or so to retrieve all the new headers. 
Definitely not all that annoying, since it only happens when I first
start evolution (or after a long period), but it would be sweet if it

Anywho, that's my only gripe/wish left.  Everything else is sweet as
hell now:)

- James

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