Re: [Evolution] weird behaviour from evo Beta 4

It would be much more useful to us if you'd report bugs on the latest
version (ie Beta5 or, when it comes out, Beta6) rather than telling us
about old bugs.

That said...

On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 13:15, mark wrote:
Ive been getting this problem on 3 different pc's all with evo Beta 4

1. Moving mail from one folder to another seems to copy, rather than
actually moving the mail (so when i close and reopen evo its in both the

works for me

2. The Vfolders will not update when i collect new mail, untill i
actually go into one then come out of it and click on another folder.

this works in the latest code (might be fixed in 0.15 too?)

3. when i close evo, i get another evo screen the same size as the one i
had open flash on then off the screen very quickly..

this is a "Hi, I'm a little dialog box that no one sees but I'm saying
please wait while I exit" dialog


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