Re: [Evolution] Serious bug

Fixed in CVS, at least for the mailer case, it returns an error, although
its also a shell issue that shouldn't be trying such an operation
in the first place.

It only got introduced a few days (a week?) ago when the move folders
got implemented in the shell.

Ettore, another reason this should have been done with a rename operation,
not as 'copy and delete'


Crap. This is local inbox and nightlies, right?

On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 22:41, shadoi wrote:
If you move a folder that is in the the top-level inbox into the
top-level inbox (in other words, it's not going to move anywhere) it
will delete anything and everything in itself.  Presumably because it
thinks it is overwriting itself.

I lost approx. 9,000 emails doing it, so I can promise you it happens. 

* Blake

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