Re: [Evolution] Help with corrupted mbox

BTW it would really help if you send us a copy of any such messages,
preferrably in an attachment on a bug report.  Its the only way such
problems will be fixed expediently.


can't help with the mbox problem, but I have had this happen myself.  If
this is a POP mail server you can use to
access your mail account.  I look for the last message downloaded before
evolution hung and then delete the next message in the list.  This will
usually take care of the problem.  999 times out of the proverbial 1000
the message that caused the problem is spam so before I delete the
message I try to unsubscribe if possible, if not . . . 

On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 15:26, Aaron Zuercher wrote:
I did a very stupid thing and now I need help pulling my can out of the
fire.   I am using Beta 3 (0.13) and today I got a piece of junk mail
that would hang Evo whenever I tried to open or delete it.  So I decided
to open my mbox folder in VI and delete the message manually.  I did
that, but when I went back into Evo it game me an error about not being
able to find message ID 2950, or any message after that.  And when it
tries to synch the mbox it tells me there is an error.  Now the stupid
part is that I did not make a backup of the mbox file before I started
messing with it.

Can someone help me get this straigtened out?  I think I need to
renumber the messages in mbox so it can associate them correctly.
However if this can't be done, is there a way to salvage the messages
before the problem message?  This problem is only affecting 15-20
messages that arrived today, and most of them aren't important.  If I
have to lose them that is fine.



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