[Evolution] Usability suggestions

I've been using Evolution for a while now, I think it's great. 
Definitely one of the best email clients out there.  I have come up with
a few suggestions that I would like to see implemented. I understand
most of them won't appear until after 1.0 (if ever) and many may have
already been suggested, I apologize for any waste of your valuable time.
Here we go:

The ability to delete --or move to trash-- duplicate messages would be
very helpful.  Especially when the "Keep messages on server" option
doesn't appear to be working.  This could be done with a filter or a
Right-click Folder menu option (or both!).  I know it could be
accomplished with a regex or something of the sort, but for the average
Joe, and option would be good.

Shortcut Bar:  It would be nice if you could split the pane where the
Folders list and Shortcut bar appear, to have one on top of the other,
or to be able to plug other types of panes in there (perhaps a custom
Summary etc.)  You could go as far as the Mozilla/Nautilus ideas for
this sidebar.

Right-click Folder menu:  The folder right-click menus could use a "Mark
all read" option.  (more intuitive than using Edit)  And also an
"Archive" option which would basically filter messages on date, etc. 
But which would have a default setting for an "Archive messages" folder
or something of the sort.

An auto-archive option to automatically move old messages (after a
specified date) to an archive folder would be nice as well.

Auto-add contacts: One nice feature I've noticed in Outlook Express
(which is crap otherwise) is the ability to have contacts auto-added to
a quick-contact list.  This is another candidate for the sidebar menu. 
But basically, when you send messages to a user, they automagically get
added to a quick-contact list which it then references for
auto-completion of usernames & addresses, etc.  It should of course be
an option, since it may bother some people.

Moving folders:  When moving folders, especially those with many (1000+)
messages in them, it takes an inordinate amount of time.  It seems it
would be logical to have folders be a static (numerically named?) folder
and just make symbolic links to it for the names.... would speed up
moving things around immensely since you'd only need to change the
link.  If this is not the reason for the slowness, then I'm sure it's
already registered as a bug, and please disregard this one.

Not being a good C coder, I can't really volunteer much help with these
things. But if there is anything outside the programming realm that I
could help with, would I will gladly volunteer to do it.

Great work!


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