[Evolution] different views for contacts mixed up


I am currently running a new 0.15.99-cvs-version of evolution
and have a small problem with the two different view-settings
in the contacts.
If you choose "By Company" or "Phone List" you get a view that
is mixed up in some way, since the column for "organization" shows
the address-field and the "home phone"-column the entries for
organization. So it is no wonder that it cannot be sorted in
the propper fashion...
The other thing is that you cannot edit contacts in these views and
it locks evo if you double-click on the entries :(
(I can still unlock it by jumping with ctrl-alt-tab to the search-button
and switch to clear...)

Any idea or is it in the bugs?
(I can't have a look at bugzilla today!)

Thomas Emmel                ..--.. - .... --- -- .- ... .-.-.-
Inst. of mechanics, TU Darmstadt,       phone: +49(6151)164966
http://coulomb.mechanik.tu-darmstadt.de/~emmel     irc: tom123

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