Re: [Evolution] Checking mbox folders

Its bit 4 of the 16 bit flags which are stored in the X-Evolution header

X-Evolution: 00000026-0010
is seen

X-Evolution: 00000026-0000
Is not (and is therefore 'new').

The 4 byte string after the - is hex-encoded flags.

There's a bug i think about making it also store as-compatible-info-as-it-can,
but this will miss 1.0.

Ok, that makes sense.  Is there a quick explanation as to what Evolution
is using to check for new messages in folders?

I could always look into patching the mailcheck program that comes with
GKrellM to support that method of checking mail if I need to :).

Or is there a plan in the works to set the status flag just for backward
compatibility?  Either way I'd like to know how Evolution is doing it..
so I can stop these freaky counts on my mailcheck app :)


On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 15:27, NotZed wrote:

Btw.. I've also found that Evolution doesn't seem to set the read bit
correctly on mbox files .. it seems .. since the mailcheck program and
mutt both tell me certain messages are new when I've read them, and
expunged (which seems like an unnecessary next step)..

It just uses a different mechanism.  The other, using the Status flag
isn't entirely interoperable with all clients consistently, and didn't
cover enough of what we wanted to do.  And we just didn't get around
to putting in support for mirroring our info in various formats.

Maildir mailbox format mostly doesn't have this problem though.

Anyways .. I LOVE this program .. it helps with sorting and sifting mail
like no other mail program I've seen ..

And, in the Summary screen up top ... is there a definitive guide to
writing one of these notifications?  I'd like to see one which had the
local time and times around the globe of certain places that are picked
(that would be nice).. if its not already done, I'd be willing to throw
in a few nuts and bolts to get it working.  I'll take a look, but by
chance does anyone know where all the Summary data is kept?

Umm, the code is in my-evolution/ i think, talk to iain ximian com
for more info.


Andrew Lombardi
Mystic Coders
andrew mysticcoders com

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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