Re: [Evolution] using gkrellm to monitor evolution mailboxes

I would like for Evo to use a panel applet, or the "status" applet (so it
will with the KDE as well) to indicate waiting mail, appointment, task due,

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i have a patch to add notification sounds/actions to the filter types.
it's not going to be included in 1.0. i'm unsure if it will be accepted
for post-1.0 or if the ximian guys will roll their own. i know there
are probably going to be some filter infrastructure changes to accomodate
different filter types (there are some dependency issues with the
current scheme). if you're interested in building your own evo, you
can grab the patch from
attachment #347.

good luck.

At 03 October 2001, you wrote:

I'd just like to second Rich's statement... I'm in the exact same


On Tue, 2001-10-02 at 19:41, Rich Rudnick wrote:
I'm now using evolution 0.14, and will probably settle on it after
balsa, sylpheed, mutt, and a couple other MUAs.  It's more than
satisfactorily fast on a 466 celeron.  The only problem I have
is email
reception notification.

I've been using gkrellm to monitor my mailboxes. It was very convenient
to have a list of mailboxes showing new mail counts in gkrellm,
which I
keep 'sticky'. However, when I point gkrellm's mailcheck at an
mbox, it reports that all messages, including read messages, as
new. I
tried gbuffy as well, and had the same results.

Is there something that will provide the functionality?  I get really
wrapped up in things sometimes, and forget to switch to the viewport
keep evolution on to check for important mail. Having a mailcheck
program of some type always in front of me means I only occasionally
miss time-sensitive messages, especially from my boss :)

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evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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