Re: [Evolution] using gkrellm to monitor evolution mailboxes

I'd just like to second Rich's statement... I'm in the exact same


On Tue, 2001-10-02 at 19:41, Rich Rudnick wrote:
I'm now using evolution 0.14, and will probably settle on it after using
balsa, sylpheed, mutt, and a couple other MUAs.  It's more than
satisfactorily fast on a 466 celeron.  The only problem I have is email
reception notification.  

I've been using gkrellm to monitor my mailboxes. It was very convenient
to have a list of mailboxes showing new mail counts in gkrellm, which I
keep 'sticky'. However, when I point gkrellm's mailcheck at an evolution
mbox, it reports that all messages, including read messages, as new. I
tried gbuffy as well, and had the same results.

Is there something that will provide the functionality?  I get really
wrapped up in things sometimes, and forget to switch to the viewport I
keep evolution on to check for important mail. Having a mailcheck
program of some type always in front of me means I only occasionally
miss time-sensitive messages, especially from my boss :)

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