[Evolution] LDAP

Well, I've managed to get LDAP Authentication working, now I wanna get my
contacts working.  (I'm on a quest to replace Exchange)

Soooo... my ldif is attached.  Up until the last hour or so, I was running
0.14, now I'm running the latest snapshot from Red Carpet.  What I've got
here gets added cleanly, but Evolution fails to find anything when I do a
search.  Running slapd on the terminal with '-d 10' I see:

ldap_read: want=1002, got=1002
0000: (blah blah blah, snip) ...c.....dc=inp
0010: (blah blah blah, snip) act, dc=com.....
(blah blah, the search, lookin' for Watson on every evolutionPerson
ber_flush: 14 bytes to sd 7
(blah blah snip)
ldap_read: want 1 error=Resource temorarily unavailable

When I use ldapsearch by hand:

ldapsearch -h localhost -X -LLL -b "dc=inphact,dc=com" "sn=Watson)"

I get:

dn: uid=gwatson,ou=People,dc=inphact,dc=com
cn: Cory
sn: Watson
(blah blah blah)

Which is the proper result.  (Note, the Search Base is set to dc=inphact,dc=com)

If someone will help me out here, I will gladly write up a HOWTO for others
;)  One of you people has to know how to do this, as someone wrote the durn
code ;)

(Sorry to the evolution list, I've sent a couple of these messages, but I'm
roping ximian-hackers into it now, since noone has been able to help)

Cory 'G' Watson
"Perl is designed to give you several ways to do anything, so consider
picking the most readable one."
                   --Larry Wall in the perl man page

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