Re: [Evolution] Summary view dies overnight

I have the same problem.  I am running Mandrake 8.0 and installed evo with

Benoit P.

On 2 Oct 2001, Tim Boring wrote:

I usually leave evo running all the time, but since upgrading to beta 4
the summary view crashes if I leave it running.  The last three mornings
I've noticed when I come in to check e-mail there is a msg. to the
effect "Ooops, the summary view has appeared to die."  Of course, it's a
simple issue of closing evo and restarting it and everything is back to
normal.  It's odd though...because I can leave evo running all day while
I'm at work and at class. I don't see such messages when I come home in
the evenings. Hmmm...???

I didn't check bugzilla, but if this hasn't been filed yet I'd be happy
to complete a report.


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