Re: [Evolution] HELO command not supported

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 damiank anobi-asp com wrote:
I've dealt with quite a few SMTP server issues.  If you have no trouble
sending to other SMTP servers, try manually sending an email, note:  it is
key that you type line 2 exactly as is.  Some servers try to perform DNS
resolution on the privided hostname, I have found that this is the problem
75% of the time, when OTHER smtp servers work.
No SMTP server should _fail_ what it thinks is an invalid HELO.
In the case of DNS lookups, it should ignore what you tell it your name
is, replace it with that it thinks your name is, and reply as such back to
Try telnetting to that SMTP server, and giving it random "HELO blah" 
commands.  Also, try "EHLO blah" (ESMTP negotiation) and see if you get 
failures with that.

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