Re: [Evolution] Changing Quotation String?

No, it's not possible. I suppose we could add the feature but I
personally am not sure I like the idea. If people change the prefix,
then it becomes impossible (not hard, but impossible) to colourize
and/or do anything cool with quoted text in general.

You'll notice that when you reply to a message, within the
composer/message-view the quoted text is gray. This becomes impossible
if we can't depend on the fact that the quoted text prefix is "> "

Feel free to add the feature request (assuming it's not already there)
to, however realise that if the feature is
implemented it will make other features not necessarily work properly.


PS. Wasn't there an internet standards draft that said quoted text
must/should (whatever) use "> " ?

On Tue, 2001-11-13 at 10:09, Jim Meyer wrote:

I was curious if it is possible to change the string which precedes
quoted replies. Is it? =]

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