[Evolution] Mail notificaion


  I'm on a second install of RH 7.2, Ximian & Evolution (don't ask --
it's really annoying).

  Anyway, I'm new on this list & the question I have has probabaly been
answered in past, but I'll ask now:  What can I use to get a sound to
play when new mail arrives?  Right now, I get nothing.  In past RH
installs (different releases), I'd normally use pine, but had tried
various, lousy gui readers & neither biff nor kbiff would even produce a
system beep.  I rather like Evolution & see something called MailCheck,
but I'd tried that with no luck.

  Any chance I'm just missing something?


  "I did this 'cause Linux gives me a woody."
  -Dave '-ddt->' Taylor, announcing DOOM for Linux

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