Re: [Evolution] evo docs and vfolders

On Thu, 2001-11-08 at 08:17, Thomas O'Dowd wrote:
Hi all,

Firstly, congrats on getting rc1 out!!!

This is the first time I've actually seen evolution docs on RH 7.1. I 
noticed they weren't working for all the snapshots. There was a reason
for this is some bug report. Anyway on looking at the docs I was 
curious about vfolders so I looked it up.

I think the following used to be correct, but is no longer the case...

 "Obviously, not all messages will fit into all your Virtual Folders.
  That's why Ximian Evolution includes an Unmatched vFolder. The
  Unmatched vFolder displays messages that are not matched by other
  rules. If you have no vFolders, the Unmatched folder will contain
  all of your mail."

I've no vfolders setup right now, and unmatched is empty even
though I've around 2000 messages in my inbox. My guess is that this is
the expected behaviour so do the docs need to be updated?

Also, does the unmatched folder really work like stated if there are
vfolders setup? I played around with this in a snapshot a few days
ago but couldn't guess the behaviour of the umatched vfolder. Can 
someone explain the logic behind it and how it works?

It contains all messages in folders that are the subject (source)of a
vfolder that aren't contained in any of the vfolders that use it.

e.g.  If you have 3 folders


And you have a vfolder only on inbox, of messages from your friends,
called VFriends, then your unmatched folder will only contain messages
from Inbox that aren't your friends.

So the description above is slightly wrong.

The trash (which is a vfolder) might interfere with this, but it

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