Re: [Evolution] IMAP via SSL works for me

Thanks, Sidney. For what it's worth, we believe that we've fixed the
problem. Once the patch goes through the new patch review process* it
should be in the snaps. Hopefully that will be later this afternoon.

*taking place on evolution-patches ximian com; sort of dull if you
aren't a maintainer ;)

On Thu, 2001-11-01 at 15:01, Sidney Markowitz wrote:
Some people are saying that IMAP over SSL does not work for them. Just
as  a data point, I'm having no problem with the latest snapshot I got
from Red Carpet (200111011516) and I didn't have any with the previous
snapshot. I'm running under RedHat 7.1 talking to a Cyrus IMAP server
with OpenSSL that is running under RedHat 6.2 plus all updates.

 -- sidney

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