Re: [Evolution] survey - how many are using ev against ms-exchange/imap?

I've been using Evo since 0.8 on my IMAP (RH7) server.  I experience
(more and more occasional) crashes, usually on Evo start.  I've got ~100
folders, with roughly 3500 messages stored in them.  0.8 crashed a lot
(daily at least).  Evo 0.9 crashed a little less (usually < 1/day but
sometimes more). Evo 0.10 has only crashed a couple times since I've
upgraded and it almost always seems to correspond to when I have Evo
logged in to my server from more than one client at a time.  My guess is
that files aren't getting locked right or something, so Evo fights with
itself and loses.  And crashes.

But overall, I've found Evolution to be a beautiful, stable mailer.  No
crash on compose, no crash on send, etc.

Thanks all you Ximian folks (again) for a fine piece of software!
Looking forward to hookin up my Visor (but not intrepid enough to
attempt compiling in Pilot conduits yet).


On 30 May 2001 23:11:19 -0500, Glenn Kronschnabl wrote:
I submitted a bug awhile back:

For the longest while, I thought it was a redhat 6.2 issue
and threads (I remember saying someone upgraded their glibc
and the problem went away...).  However, I upgrade to rh7.1,
and the problem persists.

My latest theory is that this is specific to MS-Exchange.
I know at least one other person on this list has also
experienced this "random" death of ev-mail without
so much as touching the GUI.

So... how many people are using ev against MS-Exchange?
How about IMAP?  I'm pretty sure this is an IMAP issue.

I am having this problem against MS-Exchange version:

Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service 5.5.2650.21

Collaborators, nay sayers?

This is with: Ximian Gnome 1.4, ev snapshot from 0529, rh7.1


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