[Evolution] Expunge broken for me (RH6.2 Evo .10 snaps)

Hi all- thanks for the great mailer!  

I've been using the Evolution snapshots as my primary mailer at work (IMAP) since it first became available via helix-update.

There once was a bug where the "get mail" button didn't refresh the subject view pane.  As a work around I used (and got used to using) expunge (Ctrl-x), which not only synced the folder state with the server but also refreshed the screen properly.

So I noticed right away when with the .10 snaps expunge stopped working!

The only time I can get trigger the expunge behavior is to select another folder, and then go back to where I wanted to be.  Neither Ctrl-X nor the menu item "Actions->Expunge" seem to do anything.

I'd like to get back to the point of pressing Ctrl-X to check for mail in the current folder.

I checked bugzilla and didn't see anything like this listed - Am I the only one?

System: RH6.2, Ximian Gnome 1.4 & Evolution snapshots.


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