[Evolution] Potential fix for disappeared contacts

Hi everyone,

        I'm not sure if this is useful at all, but for my personal copy
of evolution, the addressbook is built against libdb1. As in, a usable
addressbook.db will result something like this from 'file':

        [peter beta Contacts]$ file addressbook.db
        addressbook.db: Berkeley DB 1.85 Hash/Little Endian     (Version
        2, Bucket Size 4096, Bucket Shift 12, Directory Size 256, Segment       Size
256, Segment Shift 8, Overflow Point 3, Last Freed 1, Max       Bucket 4,
High Mask 0x7, Low Mask 0x3, Fill Factor 11, Number of  Keys 51)

However, somewhere during the process, my addressbook.db got upgraded to
a new, and unusuable, version of db:

        [peter beta Contacts]$ file addressbook.db.bak 
        addressbook.db.bak: Berkeley DB 2.X Hash/Little Endian (Version

So to fix my contacts I needed to write a backwards version of
db_upgrade. I did so and put my results at

So if you're really desperate for working contacts, this may help you
get them back. As I understand the situation, this particular solution
will not help many people but it's worth publishing, I guess.


Peter Williams     peter newton cx / peterw ximian com

"Why should I have to change my name? He's the one who 
sucks!"                              -- Michael Bolton

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