Re: [Evolution] Attachment names with

Umm, this is not a bug.

     content := "Content-Type" ":" type "/" subtype
                *(";" parameter)
                ; Matching of media type and subtype
                ; is ALWAYS case-insensitive.

     parameter := attribute "=" value

     attribute := token
                  ; Matching of attributes
                  ; is ALWAYS case-insensitive.

     value := token / quoted-string

     token := 1*<any (US-ASCII) CHAR except SPACE, CTLs,
                 or tspecials>

And then rfc2047 (page 7)
   These are the ONLY locations where an 'encoded-word' may appear.  In

   + An 'encoded-word' MUST NOT appear in any portion of an 'addr-spec'.

   + An 'encoded-word' MUST NOT appear within a 'quoted-string'.

   + An 'encoded-word' MUST NOT be used in a Received header field.

   + An 'encoded-word' MUST NOT be used in parameter of a MIME
     Content-Type or Content-Disposition field, or in any structured
     field body except within a 'comment' or 'phrase'.

So this last item (and it being a quoted-string) explicitly forbids this.
And ther eis no requirement in the following seciton that this be even

Thanks, I've just entered this into bugzilla.


On 24 May 2001 10:14:34 +0200, Juan Alonso Hernández wrote:
Evo doesn't seem to parse correctly the name of an attachment when it
has 'foreign' characters. This is an actual attachment. Evo displays it
and prompt me to save it as:

Content-Type: application/msword;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment;

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