[Evolution] devel list status?

Whats going on with the devel list?  I cant seem to subscribe and the
archives seem to have 'kirked out' recently (archive of May 2020 is a
dead give-away).

random complaints::

IMHO (and its pretty humble), the developer info for evolution is
lacking...yeah, you have the bugtraq setup (which was not easy to find)
but there is no central sourceforge-esque page for information.....or
even a sort of "this is what we want to do, here is how you can help"
page.....well...there isnt any page that Ive found.....and for a project
of this size, this much in the public eye......well, I expected it to be
very easy to find devel information and it has been anything but

disclaimer: I could be totally missing an obvious link somehwere....if
there is such a link, let me know


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