Re: [Evolution] Need help synching palm to Evolution


I recently succeeded in doing this. The short answer to "How?" is that
you can't do it from the pre-compiled snapshots. You have to compile
Evolution yourself from source, and you have to get the source from CVS,
because the source rpms or tgz packages on Ximian's ftp sites aren't
up-to-date enough.

Here's a Web site offering instructions on how to install Evolution from

It's a little out of date, especially as far as version numbers go, but
basically still sound.

Once you have downloaded the Evolution source from CVS, be sure and read
the "README" file - it has instructions for compiling and installing the
Palm conduits along with Evolution itself.

I hope this helps.


On 21 May 2001 11:55:55 -0700, Ken Schar wrote:
Could someone please help me to get my palm pilot
synching up with Evolution.  I correctly have it
synching to my system but it goes to addressbook.grcd
and the calendar says it synchs but I haven't found to
where.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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