Re: [Evolution] Contacts

Can anyone confirm which version of db Evolution 0.10 (and onwards) link
with?  Initially is was db 1.85, then 2.  My original contacts database
was version 1.85, and when Evo updated to 2.x I ran db_dump185 | db_load
to update my database.  Now Evo refuses to load the file, has it
reverted back to db 1.85 files?  If so, is there any way to dump a 2.x
file and load it as 1.85?


  Sorry, the libdb situation is a big mess, and it's been biting us in
unexpected ways.

  Anyway, Chris Lahey has been working on new packages that link with a
newer libdb.  They should appear on the Red Carpet channel soon.

  BTW, as far as I know, the problem is only with the Red Hat packages.
Is anyone else on non-RH systems having this problem?


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