Re: [Evolution] SSL on IMAP Server

On 14 May 2001 15:39:26 -0400, Adrian Byng-Clarke wrote:

My IMAP provider requires me to use SSL to authenticate my IMAP server 
when checking mail. Is this something that is possible with your client? 
Are there legal barriers to including SSL in your product? This feature 
is not uncommon. Both the Netscape and Outlook clients can do this.

Let's try this one more time, the last time I seem to have missed the
list in the reply... Here goes:

If you don't want to rebuild the packages you can install the stunnel
package and tunnel the local port 143 (imap) to your servers port 993

stunnel -c -d imap2 -r

Then you can use localhost port 143 as IMAP-server.


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