Re: [Evolution] Cannot initialize the Evolution shell bug

On 14 May 2001 21:27:33 -0400, Wayne F Davis wrote:

I'm running the latest gal, gtkhtml, evolution from anoncvs.  I have
orbit-stable-0-5 from anoncvs.

When starting evolution, i get a dialog box that says: Cannot initialize
the Evolution shell.  If i delete ~/evolution and startup evolution, it
says it's my first time running evo and then after a dialog I end up at
the same error.  --debug doesn't seem to help.

Anyone have any ideas on what's going on with this bug?

Tools->Mail Settings->Edit->Special Folders

Point the "Drafts" and "Sent Items" to the folders under Evolution
for "Drafts" and "Sent Items".

Evo sometimes seems to forget that those folders are there, so you have
to explicitly tell it where they are.

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