Re: [Evolution] Vain attempt to Get a latest snapshot

It's not just RedHat 7; hasn't been any new snapshot (for any of the OSes) since about April 26th. I've posted a couple times, asking about it (just a couple of days ago), and the answer was something like they're getting ready for a new official release (.10) Real Soon Now, and after it comes out, the snapshots will go back to coming from CVS code. But doesn't list RedHat 7 as a supported snapshot problem anymore, either.
Actually, if you check that status web page, you'll see that the build failed last night, since it timed out trying to get a connection to CVS ....
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Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 12:02 AM
Subject: [Evolution] Vain attempt to Get a latest snapshot

Hi everyone
I run the new Mandrake 8.0 distribution which is based on GLIB2.2
I used to be able to download the redhat 7.0 snap shots from
the last one I was able to get was april 19th snapshot.  Since then nothing
No updated snapshot via FTP for some time now.
So I take my copy of VMWARE and create a virtual machine actually running
Redhat 7.0, install Ximian gnome 1.4 and get ready to use RedCarpet to get a snapshot of evolution
and lo and behold there are no snaphots to get.
So I'm asking, is there no way I can get updated evolution without running the cryptic CVS which I know nothing about?
I realize I may represent a small market segment running Mandrake 8.0 but I like to use evolution and have been very fustrated with my attempts to get a
a new snapshot so I can see the improvments that have occured.
Since the CVS documentation assumes too much about your knowlege, is there an eta for FTP or a procedure that i can use to get the snapshots?
Thank you for your Time
Joseph B. Welsh

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