Re: [Evolution] odd behavior with MS OLE_Obj

he's sending the mail in plain text (so it's not an html issue). He
swears he's not doing anything different with each mail so i'm wondering
if it is an inconsistancy with evolution handling pasted text.

But Evolution has no idea whether the text was pasted or typed or

You can do "View" -> "Source" to see the raw source of the message, and
you'll almost certainly find the "<<...OLE_Obj...>>" strings are in
there literally.

any insight would be much appreciated.

Micros0ft sux!

Oh wait, no, that wasn't very insightful. I dunno. I think something
he's doing must be generating text in some cases and OLE references in
others, and Outlook (or whatever he's using) doesn't flatten the
embedded object to text. I don't know Windows well enough to say for
sure how he could make it work reliably.

-- Dan

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