Re: [Evolution] GPG Signature fails

On 08 May 2001 09:52:40 +0200, Juan Alonso Hernández wrote:
I'm using evo 0.10 and I've a working configuration for gpg. I've
configured evo to use /usr/bin/gpg and whenever I try to sign a message,
the first time it asks me for my private key passphrase but only for the
first message. All the following emails I send as signed aren't
delivered with the signature. It just asks for the passphrase the first

Am I doing anything wrong?

After you sign the first message, the passphrase is cached and it won't
ask again until it is removed from the cache (either by restarting
evolution or by telling it to forget passwords/phrases)

Are you sure it's not signing the following messages? and are you sure
you are checking off the "PGP Sign" checkbox each time?


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