Re: Re: [Evolution] evo crashing

> Hi,
> after some weeks of absense I got a new version of evo from cvs and
> compiled it. It looks nicer and works faster.
> Unfortunately, it crashes wenn typing a carridge return when replying
> oder sending mail.
> Can anybody help me to solve this?

-You probably need to update to the latest stable ORBit from
-CVS to fix this one.  After you do this though, can you see
-if evo crashes when you open a Compose window, type a few
-characters, then hit <CR> (see bug 2517)?  I've been trying
-to convince Ximian for weeks that there's a problem, but they
-aren't listening.


Thanks, but how do I get the latest *stable* ORBit from CVS?
When I try

cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous farbror acc umu se:/cvs/gnome' login
cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous farbror acc umu se:/cvs/gnome' -z3 checkout ORBit

(like with evolution, gal, etc.) I get a very old version. Where is the right place to
get it (and also how)?

thanks a lot,
Heinz-Josef Claes

PS: Sorry for the bad format of the mail, but I'm receiving with evo
      and sending with mozilla.

> best regards,
> Heinz-Josef Claes
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> responsible for any harm you might encounter as a result.
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