Re: [Evolution] New Snapshot and 1.4

hehehe.  1081004049 bytes is about 1.081 Gigs.  I'm doubting that any
download should be taking up that much space :)

Seriously though, these kinds of errors happens a lot whenever a program
is allocating memory to a pointer using an uninitialized value, meaning
garbage in memory usually resulting in an ungoldly amount of memory
being requested.

On 30 Apr 2001 18:47:03 -0500, Austin Gonyou wrote:
Have you done a df -k to see if /var has enough space to download stuff?

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On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Matthew Schick wrote:

Hey All,

   I just downloaded the latest Evo snapshot from RC and it fails with
the following message:

   Glib-error **: Could not allocate 1081004049 bytes

   I was not able to update my GtkHtml package because RC tries to
install both the snapshot and the current (old) package....

   BTW, I am running a RH7 system....

Thanks -

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evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

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