Re: [Evolution] addressbook.db and some minor nits

On 14 Mar 2001 04:55:43 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
      After recompiling Evolution on my new machine and moving
over my evolution directory from my old machine, I
discovered that I could no longer see any of my contacts,
and any attempt to save a new contact crashed wombat. 
After reading through the archives, I found that I needed
to convert my db1 formatted file to db2.  So I did
something like
db2_dump addressbook.db | db2_load addressbook_new.db
and then moved files around.  Unfortunately, this didn't
work.  Still no contacts, and wombat still crashes.
      So what can I do to get my old contacts???

not a clue...

Hopefully someone can provide insight.  This isn't very nice...

There should be a checkbox to have it never ask you again, that's what I
clicked and it hasn't prompted me since.

I wish mine had that checkbox.  I guess I need to update CVS
and recompile.  Maybe I caught this feature halfway through


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