RE: [Evolution] Plans for Exchange?


Even longer, actually.  Exchange uses RPC calls from the Outlook client,
and it's a little hard to do those.  Particularly if you don't know them.
Since it's not an actual documented system, it's pretty much impossible
for this to work, as much as we'd like it to.  IMAP however, minus the
calendaring features, will work, and I'd suggest trying that.  I've been
trying to get wine to use Outlook, failed, and have switched over to
Evolution.  However, I haven't been able to get Evolution to bring up a
composer window, no matter what I try, but that's another story....
Good luck!

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On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Shane Antyr wrote:

I'm just wondering, since the company I work for uses an exchange server,
and it'd be nice to get my work related email.  This is the big thing that
keeps me from using Linux as my desktop system.

Shane Antyr
Web Developer
Steamboat Ski and Resort

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Boo, hiss...  Use HP OpenMail servers instead for Exchange

First off, it's much more stable, second, it runs on Unix platforms, and
third, if you have fewer than 50 clients, you can get the RedHat version
free of licensing fees...

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Anyone know if there are any plans to have Evolution able to
access Exchange

Shane Antyr
Web Developer
Steamboat Ski and Resort

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