RE: [Evolution] Keyboard focus request.

On 07 Mar 2001 15:07:29 -0800, Alex Swavely wrote:
One of the things that many mailers and newsreaders in the Windows camp that
use the three-pane display offer is spacebar piloting...

Evolution actually supports this already.  I'll go into more detail

Basically, in the message list view, if you hit spacebar, the message
preview window skips down a page, until it gets to the end of a message,
then you hit spacebar again, it marks the message read, and goes to the next
one in line in the message view...

We do handle space bar to page down within a message.  We don't go to
the next message, but you can just press n (or down arrow) to get to the
next unread message (or the next message).

You can't scroll back without changing focus, but...

We actually support this.  The backspace key anywhere will page up
within a message.  Again you can use p or up arrow to move upwards in
the message list.

Oh, and in either the message list pane or the preview pane, if you hit
[DEL] it deletes the highlighted message, moving on to the next in line.

This is the main problem with the current code.  It only does this if
you hit [DEL] in the message list.  It is ignored in the view pane.
This is in our bugzilla as something that needs to get fixed.


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