Re: [Evolution] deleting messages that make evolution crash

On 06 Mar 2001 20:50:24 +0200, Ilya Konstantinov wrote:
On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 10:36:51AM -0600, Larry Ewing wrote:
This is also an excellent way to be able to select the message so that
you can save it without crashing evolution.  Then you can use some
alternative method of making it available.

Speaking of which, it'll be nice if right-clicking folder / message
won't make the view switch to the message.

e.g. if I wish to open another message in a new window, I usually still
wish to retain the current message at it's current position in the
old window.

That way, we could also Save / Delete messages without opening them
in the view.

Nope, that wouldn't work.  Since you save selected messages when you
right click.

Having it save what is under the mouse, but leaving the old selected
message would be the most confusing behaviour possible.  I already
suggest the current behaviour is bad because of the mouse control
required, but nobody agrees.

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