Re: [Evolution] inline images ...

Le 2001.03.06 18:56:27 +0100, JP Rosevear a écrit :
On 06 Mar 2001 17:50:24 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Hi !

I just noticed that inline images don't show, even in mails sent by Evo
itself !! The initial mail "Welcome to Evolution" is ok.

This is caused by no external images being downloaded (we will have a
config option to let you do this) as this is a way spammers track
distribution of their mailings.

No, I meant MAILS SENT BY EVOLUTION, that is mails with ATTACHED images
inline. You know, you compose a message, you insert a picture, you send it.
Well, if you receive it with Evo, there's an empty square instead of a

I must have said half a dozen times on this list that Evo treats
incorrectly attached inline images. Each time somebody wrongly answers it
can't fetch images from the net (well, I think DanW got the idea). I agree,
I don't want Evo to do http requests, but I want it to read what's in the
mail. When the image is attached inline, it should be displayed, it's
there, base64-encoded, right after the html text, I want it on my screen !


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