Re: [Evolution] Contradiction with SMTP-AUTH PLAIN (Resolved)

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buta bing, buta bing!

yup, just finally did:
(of course, you are right Dan. Only the latest snapshots have the NT LOGIN
or AUTH=LOGIN challenge)

& it does support the AUTH=LOGIN and appears to work just fine (as if a
simple plain text challenge would have any problems :).

Both test emails (one thru the local isp domain & one to a remote domain)
were sent and recieved without problems.

it took me 3 mos. to gather all the sources & to be able to finally
compile some of the required packages (snapshot gal had a .spec of the last packages that i really needed).  too bad there
are not some static builds of evolution & often changing libs, as to build
often & without having to rpm or install into the main o/s...etc.
(reduntantly said)

(mandrake 8.0)

On Friday 29 June 2001 09:41, you wrote:
This is why i'm getting confused...there is no option for "LOGIN" on
mechanism types (Send Mail options applet/widget).

LOGIN would appear as "NT Login". I assume you're using a snapshot,
right, not 0.10? Because LOGIN wasn't supported in 0.10.

Is anyone else successfully using NT Login auth?

-- Dan

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