Re: [Evolution] evo delays

I fixed this by:

1.  closing evolution and all other apps
2.  removing the /tmp/orbit-username directory
3.  log out and log back in

this should create a new /tmp/orbit which should result in a faster load
of evolution.


On 29 Jun 2001 08:20:45 -0400, Scott Leerssen wrote:
I was having some trouble with evolution hanging a lot on me, so I
reasoned that uninstalling and reinstalling might be appropriate to sync
everything up.  Now, it does work, and doesn't hang so often, but it
takes a looooonnnnnnnggggg time for windows to pop up; particularly, the
startup sequence takes about 20 seconds (~5 seconds per application as
their respective buttons turn black in the startup box).

I also noticed that Red Carpet reported that it was removing 22M of
files when removing the old package+updates, but when I re-installed,
Red Carpet reported a mere 5+M of files.  Did something get missed?


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