[Evolution] Request: Key binding for single IMAP Folder Refresh

Hi all-
I'm using RH 6.2 and the latest Evo snapshots to talk to an Exchange server via IMAP.  
When I press the send receive mail button, I see the message count in the shortcut and folder tree increase, but the new mail headers do not appear in the INBOX.  This has been a long standing issue for me.

My work around was to use expunge (Ctrl-X, now Ctrl-E) instead of send/receive.  The expunge command would not only update the count, but also make the headers show up in the folder.  This also had the advantage of only checking the folder I was currently in for new mail.  

For about a month now the expunge comand no longer syncs the folder with the server, unless the local folder changed state.  My new workaround is to press Ctrl-X, Ctrl-U, Ctrl-Y, which deletes, undeletes, and applies the filters to a message, which seems to trigger the old expunge behavior I so love :)

My request is this:  a single key binding that will always sync the currently selected folder with the server, and refreshes the subject list if new messages are found.

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