[Evolution] "Unread threads" view suggestion.

Im getting quite a lot of mailing list message and evolution is really
graet to read those cuz it handles threading in tree view quite good
(ok, there are sometimes problem but with those i can live with)

Many of these mailing lists have many open threads going on and thus i
have to scroll up and down alot even to find new messages. So, what i
could do in this point is to set up a view with search criteria =
"status" "is not" "read" .. This is ok for low traffic lists but not
good at all for high volume devel lists that im on.

So, i started to wonder, could this feature be extend into state that i
i could have a view of "threads that have unread messages". 

Ok, now this could be really really great (yeah, we had talk about this
with ettore and gman in irc and they agreed, i think =) )  but with very
very very high traffic lists even this could be not enough so, the
absolutely best way could be that not so so full thread but user defined
amount of previous and succeeding branchess of that thread.. Here's a
little ascii chart that i threw up as example if someone does not
understand my point. 

We have this kind of message thread:

|-- b
|   `-- c
|       `-- d
|-- f
`-- g
    |-- h
    |   `-- i
    |-- j
    `-- k

Lets say that message 'h' is unread.. and user-setable value for
previous message per thread is 1, our view of unread messages could
(notice the word) result message thread like this:

|-- h
|   `-- i
|-- j
`-- k


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(   ) +358456700349 / http://www.mikkonen.org
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