[Evolution] double contacts problem

Hope that is not a double...


there is a small problem adding contacts to the others.
If you add a new contact and there is some part of it
identical to an existing contact, evolution grumbles about it.
Then you have to push "add anyway" to add it.
This is ok, if you try to add a completely identical email-address,
or the full name is the same, maybe only the surname...
But if it is only a small part, like your given name or the part
in front of @ in a mail-address, evolution is a little bit pithy.


By the way: Is there any chance to get printing to work again???

And can someone send me a full set of html-files for evolution (the
doc/C... things), cause I haven't found a way to get this mysteriuos
docbook-stuff to work.

Thanks in advance

Thomas again

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