[Evolution] ever growing imap caches

Are the imap caches - the cached mailbox data kept on local disk for any
imap repositories that evolution is used with - ever pruned of old or
stale data?

I read all my mail over imap.  I have a very bushy tree of folders, and
tend to not delete mail (so the folders increase in size until
periodically I have a session where I archive the stuff off).  Currently
I'm finding that the cached data in ~/evolution/mail/imap/... is close
to twice the size of the stored data on the server.

The cache appears to have a header file per message, and then a message
data file (including the header again) for any message I have read with
evolution.   There is some other indexing data per folder.  These files
appear to stay there for ever once generated, which is going to make the
cache very large and hugely inode intensive....

Is there a means for automatically or manually decaching a lot of this

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