Re: [Evolution] Concernd abot hogging system

I'll add a late comment here ...

I've found ext2 and kernel 2.4 seems to have significant performance
degradation after the mailbox hits about 30mb.  Like it basically scaled
linearly up till that point, then seems to get slower faster than it
should for anything larger.  This seems to be independent of memory and
filesystem size which points more to ext2 to me, but I could just be
pissing in the wind here.

This is just emperical evidence on testing and profiling the mbox code,
not any real hard statistical results.


On 25 May 2001 08:07:52 +1200, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
Anyway, if you accumulate a large amount of mail again, be sure to try
2.4.4 or 2.2.19, both of which have better VM systems than the previous

Yep, the whole swap behaviour does seem different since the upgrade to
2.4.  I shall have a look at the kernel latter...

I guess there is a lesson here, so I am rearanging my filters to dump
all mailists into indivdual folder rather than one giant holding

Well, that's a good idea in any case.

It will be nice to see how it handles the same ammount of mail in
several folders...  I will take a few months though


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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